Sprit of Lady Saharel

Lady Saharel


Once a High Mage of ancient Netheril, Lady Saharel was ruler of Saharelgard, better known as Spellgard, a now ruined castle complex on the eastern edges of the former Anauroch desert. At some point, presumably after the fall of Netheril (-339 DR), Lady Saharel became an archlich. Lady Saharel continued to watch over Spellgard as an archlich until 1358 DR, when she sacrificed herself in order to destroy the wizard Manshoon and defend Elminster of Shadowdale.

As of 1479 DR Lady Saharel continues to exist beyond death as a kind of prophetic spirit. On rare occasions when she appears within the ruins of Spellgard, she answers questions posed by any nearby mortals. It is said that no query is off limits.

Lady Saharel, once a companion and lover of Elminster of Shadowdale, was known to view the Harpers with favor and the Zhentarim with hostility.

Sprit of Lady Saharel

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