Scars of Faerun

Scars of Faerun

Week 1

While traveling to Loudwater in the Fallen Lands, during one of the worst storms of the season, the party was sheltered by Treona and Kiris Alkirk. They told you about Kiris Dahn and their slaying stones. Upon suspicion there may be a 9th slaying stone somewhere within the abandoned city, you were tasked with sneaking into Kiris Dahn to retrieve it. Treona believed the stone could have been in three possible locations: the library, the temple, or within the noble mansion.

The goblins of Kiris Dahn were about to move against Loudwater and before leaving for Kiris Dahn she requests you return to Loudwater to help the local guard defend from the attack. The following day you headed out to Loudwater, and after Kon-Kon was thrown out of both taverns and banned from the Green Tankard, the goblins invaded. The party forced back the attack through South Square and made their way to Kiris Dahn.

After sneaking into Kiris Dahn through the forest and into the kobold slums, they searched the library, or kindle room as the goblins now called it, and found only Krayt the Butcher. There was no stone. They continued onwards towards the temple, where they encountered Rort the Tomeripper. While Kon-kon came close to finding that big shiny in the sky, the party managed to defeat Rort and unfortunately, did not find the stone. The party then made their way to the Kiris manor when Dave got stuck in the wall trying to sneak in. They were discovered by a goblin patrol and managed to escape safely into the forest, where they rested for a few hours.

Upon return to Kiris Dahn, the party ventured back to the kobold slums and set fire to the dried fields. Under the cover of the distraction, the party entered the manor and faced the overlord of the city – Hu-jat and his beloved Red Drake. During the difficult battle, Orn struck the drake a fatal blow when he rammed his spear through the mighty beast’s throat. This threw Hu-jat into a blind rage and he himself was soon cut down by the party. Before dying, he revealed somebody named Trystis is currently in possession of the 9th, and last remaining, slaying stone of Kiris Dahn. The party then escaped Kiris Dahn before the commotion in the slums died down and returned to the town of Loudwater to gather information on the identity and whereabouts of Trystis.




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